EVROVIN is an intermediation and consulting company in the sector of wines, wine by-products, alcohols, distillates, consumables and other related activities.

We are broadly specialised and able to realize any project, starting from bulk wine supplies in huge volumes and down to bottling a small lot under a private label. We have a highly professional team with profound experience in many related sectors of business. We can provide consultancy, assistance, organization, negotiation and documentation for all stages of a business deal, with relation to the commercial, logistical and legislative aspects. We would always provide the right solution, no matter how specific the need of a product or service might be.

We work through a wide network of diverse partnering businesses on 5 continents. We have contractual cooperation with collaborators in the spheres of vine growing, winemaking, bottling, printing, forwarding and logistics services, legal, consulting and intellectual property services, authorised labs for isotopic and standard analyses etc., which enables us to solve any issues immediately and professionally. In all activities we implement a policy of efficiency, loyalty and confidentiality.